About Us

Change a Path is a fully volunteer run donor circle that provides financial grants to support not-for-profit organizations that are working in the sex-trafficking space, while also raising awareness of the global sex-trafficking crisis and the organizations that are addressing the issues.

The primary focus of the organization is the Grant Program. Grants are made to domestic and international organizations that are working in the 3 P’s:

To Prevent trafficking and raise awareness of trafficking issues
To Protect and support women and children who are at risk or who have been trafficked
To Prosecute those who are trafficking women and children

The Grant Program is run by a volunteer Advisory Committee that completes a due diligence review of the organizations to ensure that the grants are being utilized in line with the charitable purposes of Change a Path, maintain the ongoing relationships with the grantees, and communicate about the work of the grantee organization to the donors and to the general public.

The secondary objective of Change a Path is to inform the donors and members of the public about the critical issues involved in sex trafficking, and about the charitable organizations that are working to address these problems. The engagement of the donors in the grant management process, support of the grantee organizations, and the participation in the awareness building events, will hopefully contribute to expanding resources and knowledge about the global sex-trafficking crisis.

Donors are asked to contribute on a monthly or annual basis and are able to volunteer their time and skills to support the Grant Program and/or raise awareness of the sex trafficking crisis through information sessions or gatherings with other not-for-profit organizations in the sex trafficking space.